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The Village Crest

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A dreamer built our village
Eighty years ago
Just ten miles from anywhere
(you ask any crow)

It never was a village
In a truly rural way,
Far too cosmopolitan
Unique is what I'd say

We had Scots, Taffs, Irishmen
Men from Birmingham and Crewe,
Miners, craftsmen, labourers
And intellectuals too.

Somehow they lived together
Those random folk of yore
They formed a kind of union
They'd never formed before

They gave an empty village
A lifestyle all it's own
They boasted just a little
Of how the place had grown

We had the Biggest Shopping Store
For miles and miles around
Till one September morning
Fire razed it to the ground

Although I look thru' dimming eyes
At the folk and times I knew
I'm glad I learned and watched the way
A model village grew.

Marcelle Powell (aged 89)