Arial views of Silver End and its surroundings

These photographs were taken on 12th September 1987 Click on the Blue links to see the picture.

The Braintree By-pass was under construction and can be seen in the fore ground of this picture

The Golf Course at Stisted Hall is quite distinct from the air

This shot is of High Garret

Next we have pictures of Silver End from the North with Cressing village in the fore ground,

and the North-East. Silver End is lost in the haze.

This picture shows the Airfield and gravel workings to the East

From the South East we can see the Sand Pits and Rivenhall Lake.

From the South Rivenhall Thicks are in the fore ground.

This view from theSouth West shows almost the complete village.

Cressing Temple can be seen in this view from the West other views of the village are:-



Village Centre

Daniel Way

Francis Way

Western Lane