Photos from the Early Days of Silver End
The Building of the Village

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Map of the village as planned and Map of the village in 1960

(1960 map rotated to the same angle as the Planned Map)

One of the first buildings to be constructed was The Power House in 1926 and shown here complete. Inside were the Ruston diesels which supplied electricity to the factory and the houses

There was lots of help to build the houses.
VG Crittall (later Lord Braintree) and FH Crittall at digging of the foundations of first house
F.H. Crittall laid the Foundation Stone for the first house in Temple Lane

Several people came down from London to help with the gardening. Here Ramsey McDonald is planting a tree near the Factory
Ramsey McDonald and Ellen Wilkinson

Trenches in Temple Laneand Puffin Billy in Temple Lane Puffin Billy was a narrow gauge 0-4-0 locomotive which hauled gravel from the pit to the south of the village.

A manager's house under construction

Valentine Way being built

Some of the builders

The Opening of the Village Hall
Sir Charles Bathurst and Lady Bathurst - The Lord Mayor of London and FH Crittall