Silver End School Hockey 1933

Silver End Hockey 1933 picture supplied by Jeff Townsend (Louie Barker's son) Names supplied by Marjorie Barnard and Monica Maxim

Two of the ladies in the picture have helped to identify all the team but we still need help with the Cycling Club picture
Standing in the backrow
Maisy Raven , Sybil Redbridge , Louie Barker , Connie Knight , Esme Noble , Doreen Stapleton , Jean Tyrell , Rita Knight , Joan Passfield , Miss Dawson
Seated in the middle row
Dolcie Ashford , Nora Wheeler , Joan Hargreaves , Jean Tinworth , Ruth Boreham , Kitty Goslin , Rose Perkins
Kneeling in the front row
Vera Hunt, Pearl Bickmore , Margaret Maxim , Marjory Barnard , Molly Ecclestone , Monica Maxim , Lily Smith , Vivienne Rollinson